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Abstract Submission
1st July - 1st September 2019

Stage classifications

Classification by stages
I: Foundation of the materials (design, synthesis, preparation, surface processing, shaping, 3D processing, bulk/surface properties, phase transition, protein adsorption, and others)
II: Function of the materials (interaction with living cells, manipulation of stem cells, DDS, imaging techniques, sensing techniques, diagnosis, in vitro evaluations, and others)
III: Preclinical POC (ex vivo evaluations, in vivo evaluation, therapeutic effects, and others)
IV: Industrialization and standardization (safety test, authorization and approvals, regulatory sciences, newly approved medical equipment, and others)
Classification by materials
A:Metals B:Ceramics C:Synthetic polymers
D:Materials derived
from living organisms
E:Cells and tissues F:Others than above
Classification by fields
1: Circulatory systems 2: Orthopedics 3: Dental and oral medicines
4: Dermatology and sensory systems 5: Metabolic systems 6: Tissue engineering
7: Diagnosis and measurements 8: Immune systems and cancers 9: Bioimaging
10: DDS and drug discovery 11: Others than above  

*Presenters shall categorize their topics according to the classifications indicated above.
(for example: II-A-1, III-B-2, and so on)


First author(presenter) islimited to the members of the Society for Biomaterials, Japan. Non-members should apply for admission procedures in advance from the following.

Japan Biomaterials Society Membership Information Page

However, in the following cases, we accept presentation by non-member for a non-member foreign student fee of ¥10,000. In this case, academic advisor of this person must be member of the society.

  1. Students applying from abroad
  2. Foreign students living in Japan


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Material Science and Engineering, Biomaterials Laboratory
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